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Sand casting

Either for a prototype or for a production of small to medium volume, this process is the right choice. From small to big projects, the versatility of this process with sand will meet your requirements.

Permanent mold casting

Permanent mold casting responds to the needs of a quality piece of high volume.
The process to prioritize for quantities of 1,000 to 100,000 units/year.


This value added service allows us to provide you with a turnkey project. Equiped with 3 mills, 4 axes, and combined with our expertise in casting, we know how to properly carry out your projects.

About Fondrémy

Since its foundation in 1975, Fondrémy Inc. grew considerably, going from 6,000 to now 65,000 square feet. The combined forces of today’s technology and our unique knowledge allowed us to become a leader in the industry of manufacturing casted pieces of aluminium and copper alloys of quality.


Be it highly conductive copper parts or aluminium pieces, we produce, among others, circuit breakers, separators, contactors, extension arms, electronic boxes, etc.


If in need of components for locomotive’s engines, or for a train station, our clients also call on us to produce door sills, pulleys, stop control boxes, turbos and many other parts.

Recreational vehicules

As much for high productions as for artisans, we have projects of engine blocks, replacement parts, transmissions, hinges, exhaust manifolds, etc.


No matter if you are in civil engineering or are specialized equipment manufacturers, we produce turbines, low and high pressure pumps, dispensing valves and firefighter’s equipments.

Mechanical work

Mostly used to replace defective parts of heavy equipment, rings, blocks, simple forms to be machined.


This value added service allows us to provide you with a turnkey project. Equiped with 3 mills, 4 axes, and combined with our expertise in casting, we know how to properly carry out your projects.

High quality aluminum and copper alloys.


Fondrémy, a leader in the manufacturing industry, has for mission to offer gravity casted pieces of aluminium and of copper alloys of high quality on the international market, thanks to its specialized working force and state-of-the-art equipments, while respecting deadlines at competitive prices.

Quality castings conceived as per your standards and requirements

Fondrémy’s commitment to seek excellence brought constant improvement throughout the years to products of the aluminium and copper alloys casting industry. Today, Fondrémy Inc. is still a thriving company that wagers on high quality products and unparalleled customer service. We endeavor to answer to our clients’ needs by the means of a novel approach based on teamwork to ensure an innovative and trustworthy service. Fondrémy Inc. believes that its collaboration with clients is essential for this business relationship to be a success.

A few words from our team

What I like about Fondremy is the sense of recognition and respect that exists among all the people. It’s really nice to work here! I decided to come here more than 25 years ago to have a nice quality of life and I can swear I don’t regret it. We have a lot of great activities at Fondrémy like summer BBQ’s and holiday parties! They take such good care of us that we even have access to chiropractic care on site.

Stéphane – Molder

My story is a little different! I was recruited by Thierry, one of the owners, a little over 5 years ago. I started as a worker, like everyone else, but quickly became a supervisor. They saw in me good management skills and a communicative spirit. I was really given a great opportunity. Since then, I have been managing a team. What fascinates me is the proximity of the people, both in the factory and in the offices! I am fortunate to have a dream schedule that also offers me flexible vacation opportunities. It’s really a great big family where you feel confident.

Patrick – Supervisor

Here, there is really a job for everyone. I have worked in almost every position; moulder, demoulder, assistant moulder and now caster. I really think I’m in the right place because I’ve been here since 1995 and I’m not getting tired. The bosses are open-minded and trust us. They always have a solution, they are approachable and accessible. Here, I have a job security that I don’t think I can find elsewhere. The new management team always wants to find better ways to improve the quality of our products by investing, among other things, in technological and modern tools and this is an advantage for everyone. Martin – Smelter


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