Shipping and receiving clerk

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Come and work at Fondrémy! This is the job for you!

Come and work for a company:

  • where the values of customer satisfaction, agility and collaborative strength,
    excellence and respect are paramount;
  • which offers you the services of an on-site chiropractor;
  • which provides you with work uniforms, prescription safety glasses and discounts on work boots;
  • who takes your well-being to heart!

Fondrémy is a third-generation family business and a leader in its field.
in the foundry sector, for aluminum and bronze alloys,
since 1975. Fondrémy continually strives to grow, both physically and mentally.
and on a human level, all the while serving our valued customers from many


  • Rotate inventory according to priority of needs
  • Empty trucks upon receipt of raw materials using the
    forklift truck;
  • Load trucks to deliver parts to the customer, using the
    forklift truck;
  • Take inventory of parts, prepare and pack orders for distribution
  • Maintain the premises (cleanliness, clearing of pathways, etc.);
  • Perform progress data entry.

Skills required

  • Experience in a similar position is an asset.
  • Experience in forklift driving is an asset.
  • Ability to do data entry to the computer.
  • Thoroughness, Patience, Rigor
  • Team spirit, Good physical capacity

Daytime schedule

“Fondrémy, a third generation family business and leader in the foundry industry since 1975”

At Fondrémy, we are constantly striving to grow, both physically and humanly, not to mention our valued clients from several continents!

We are looking for a quality inspector responsible for checking the quality of all incoming and outgoing materials and products as well as coordinating production tasks. You will be a strong advocate for quality in our company.

The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, reliable and committed. A thorough knowledge of quality standards will be an asset

The objective is to ensure that our products made from the materials Aluminum / Bronze impeccable with high-performance equipment. This way, our customers will benefit from high quality products so that we can ensure long-term success.

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