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Our history

Since its foundation in 1975, Fondrémy Inc. has grown significantly, from 6,000 to 65,000 square feet today. The combined forces of today’s technology and our unique knowledge allowed us to become a leader in the industry of manufacturing casted pieces of aluminium and copper alloys of quality. With continuous improvement at heart, the research and development department is constantly working on improving the way things are done, adding new alloys and developing new techniques. This contribution allows Fondremy to offer a wider range of services and more particularly to accompany the customer throughout the development of his products.

The department of research and development department is continuously working on improving the way we do things

Our fields of specialization include the following


Be it highly conductive copper parts or aluminium pieces, we produce, among others, circuit breakers, separators, contactors, extension arms, electronic boxes, etc.


If in need of components for locomotive’s engines, or for a train station, our clients also call on us to produce door sills, pulleys, stop control boxes, turbos and many other parts.

Recreational vehicules

As much for high productions as for artisans, we have projects of engine blocks, replacement parts, transmissions, hinges, exhaust manifolds, etc.


No matter if you are in civil engineering or are specialized equipment manufacturers, we produce turbines, low and high pressure pumps, dispensing valves and firefighter’s equipments.

Mechanical work

Mostly used to replace defective parts of heavy equipment, rings, blocks, simple forms to be machined.


Whether it’s for heavy-duty exterior lighting or neat interior lighting, a well-treated room is always appreciated.


Whether for a permanent or temporary portable tower, anchor points are essential.


Several construction tools are cast in the foundry. These include floor sanders, wax removal tools, floor nailers, paint guns, air guns, and much more.


We specialize in small volume projects requiring the highest quality standards for all vehicle manufacturers.



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