Our technologies

Fondrémy Inc. is a team of passionate and dedicated people who are eager to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of its customers.

Our melting capabilities allow us to manufacture aluminum castings ranging from a few grams to 200 kg, as well as bronze castings ranging from a few grams to 350 kg. We only use certified ingots. Melting and pouring temperatures are electronically controlled.

We also offer a molding service (floor)

  • Ring (Bushing)
  • Bague a collerette (flange bushing)
  • Engrenage (gears)
  • Plate, with all our alloys.
Dimensions range from 1 to 52 inches. The delivery time for these parts is particularly fast, about 2 to 4 days. From the finished dimensions, the technical team will add the appropriate machining allowance.


  • From a few grams to 200 kg for aluminum
  • From a few grams to 350 kg for bronze
  • From 1 to 100 000 units


  • Permanent mold process
  • Permanent mold process


  • Shot blasting, Tribofinishing, Polishing, Brushing

3d printing

3D printing is rapidly revolutionizing all manufacturing methods, even the oldest ones like foundry. We use 3D printing to:

· Geometric validation of the part
· Design confirmation
· Tooling development
· The manufacture of rapid prototypes
· Printing of scale models
· Dramatically improved turnaround times, printing time can be as short as a few hours before you have a finished product.

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